Touch of Heat 2: A Three-Part Erotic Suspense Serial

Touch of Heat 2: A Three-Part Erotic Suspense Serial
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April 21st 2014

Some guys put on a suit and tie for work. I take them off. And then I sell three things: My time. My body.

And my cock.

I work for an exclusive escort agency in Los Angeles. The clients are wealthy women—ready, willing and able to pay $5,000 for safe, satisfying sex with no strings attached. To them, it’s a fantasy come true. To me, it’s just a job. And it’s a short-term strategy. I’ve given myself five years to work hard, fuck hard and invest well. Then I’ll have what I need to take care of my mother and sister for life. After that, I’m walking away from the grind to open a boxing club at the beach. My plan is going smoothly. Until I meet Isabella. And then—with a missing sister, a deranged billionaire and undeniable erotic heat—everything changes. Touch of Heat is a three-part erotic suspense serial.