If I Die Tell Steve Martin I Found His Journal

If I Die Tell Steve Martin I Found His Journal
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July 14th 2013 by Artisan Stew LLC

Steve Martin's journal has been found on a snow bank along a frigid Manhattan avenue by the luckly named Navin R. Johnson -- an underachieving, reluctant idol. Navin is as fruit in relationships as he is apathetic about his genius. He is a collector of burdensome personalities. As he ages towards forty-five, he is as hap as his name. And now, Navin is beginning to believe Steve Martin might be his guardian angel. Inside Navin's head, reality and fantasy quickly begin their own conversation as different Steve Martins from progressing decades inject themselves into Navin's life. But inside Steve Martin's journal, a cryptic challenge is written that contains a meaning of which Navin can't fathom -- and a solution for which he is not ready. Navin's discovery sparks an inescapable ride, ending only when Steve Martin, or his journal, have spoken to him from a contemporary day in tones of silly sensibilities and poignant humor -- and not a moment before the journal is returned to its rightful owner.