He Fell For A T-Girl 2

He Fell For A T-Girl 2
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December 16th 2016

Aandra’s life has been difficult at best. She’s been hurt in every way imaginable, but she’s a fighter. While she’s come along way as a transgendered female, she still has a ways to go. Especially, when there are people around her who won’t allow her to forget her past. In an attempt to start a new, Aandra accepts her new love interest, Ebiundu Akintola aka Ebi, marriage proposal. She’s so ecstatic that a man has actually fallen for her that she quickly accepts. Except, Waheed just won’t allow her to be great. When he pops up on one of the most important days of her life, what will be the outcome? He’s not taking no for an answer. As soon as she comes face to face with him, old feelings resurface. While she’s with Ebi, Aandra doesn’t know all of Ebi’s secret and it just might rock her world. Do you think Aandra can live a drama free life? Who do you think she’ll end up spending her life with? In this highly anticipated sequel, secrets, lies and betrayals are all exposed.