Block Boys: Cream & Cocaine (Sex, Drugs, & Money Book 1)

Block Boys: Cream & Cocaine (Sex, Drugs, & Money Book 1)
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June 5th 2015 by BBB Publishing Presents:

This hot, new series from the best selling author of "To Live and Die in Love", Ms. Backshot. What happens when a stripper meets a block boy? Find out in this sexy, new erotic short. Cream is a beautiful and smart young woman, working her way through school by stripping. A brief encounter with a local block boy Cocaine, and she starts to rethink her situation. The last thing Cocaine wants is to fall in love, especially with a stripper. However, once he gets a taste of Cream,it's out of his control. Will these two put pride aside and take the next step, or will they end up walking away from a once in a lifetime love? ADULT CONTENT RECOMMENDED FOR 18+