For Fear

For Fear
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March 25th 2016

Passion. Suspense. Fear. - He kissed her again, soft and slow like a fine wine, he was taking his sweet time with her- With Arsen’s disappearance with the mystery person, Paul went up to the apartment after an hour as Arsen wasn’t answering his calls. Steele was up and making breakfast with no idea about what Arsen had done. Paul was unsure how much information to divulge to Steele. They found Arsen’s phone was still in his office. When they checked the message and tried to call the odd number back they found it was just as they suspected and the number couldn’t be reached. Steele was on the verge of freaking out when Detective Fontaine showed up with a warrant for Arsen’s arrest for the murder of the other two women.

The three of them sat and had a long discussion about Arsen and all he’d been through. The detective had a change of heart and decided to have another look at the autopsy reports. She also had the plates ran on the car the surveillance cameras caught Arsen getting into that morning. When she got the call of who the car was registered to, Fontaine knew Steele was not going to be happy. It was a woman named Beth Campbell. Steele freaked out as she had read in Arsen’s journal, his first girlfriend was named Beth. It was going on six hours since he got in that car and Steele was losing her mind. As she took a long bath and worried over Arsen and Beth, she went through a tiny bit of defeat then decided she wasn’t letting him go without a fight. Gwen made it to the road and was found, only it was an unwelcomed person who found her.

In Gwen’s current condition can she handle what will surely be dished out? And where is Arsen? ** This is a hot and steamy billionaire romance series, ideal for fans of Sarah J. Brooks, Ellie Danes, J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, Hannah Ford, and Kelly Favor ** Buy Arsen’s Rules today for a wild ride you won’t soon forget!