The Genocide Game

The Genocide Game
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February 18th 2017

While teaching an online class on how to pick up women, Guru Stan picks the wrong target. His pick-up, Raven, is a woman who has discovered a plot to remove surplus humans from the planet in order to pave the way for an automated society. Stan and Raven find themselves the only people who can save the 99.9% of humanity deemed surplus to the new society. To survive, Stan must use all the skills he has learned as a pick-up artist as well as confront the personal demons that shaped his life. The events in this book are an extension of our current world, with technological advances and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of humanity in favor of the corporate world's ultimate quest for efficiency. In the end Stan finds himself as the unlikely hero, tasked with standing up for the worth, the dignity, and the basic rights of all mankind.