The Trap Selena

The Trap Selena
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April 1st 2018 by Shan Presents, LLC

Candace is a young girl who wants nothing more than to escape her current struggle. The hustle she started worked for her, but when she’s caught off guard by Gutta, she finds herself doing the usual…. “The only thing on my mind is running up a check, period!” Butta is a hustla with a plan.. After spending most of his life in jail, he came up with a solution, but soon realized that everything doesn’t go according to plan. “Money ain’t everything it’s the only thing.” Noodles is a young, hot head with a carefree attitude and makes it known to anybody. Since he was a young bull, he looked up to Butta and his brother Quay, which birth his hustla mentality. He finds his hard demeanor softens up with he meets the feisty Dominican Gabby. “Where I’m from ain’t no rules on how you feed your family.” Gabby is a Dominican, slick, talking chick who’s not afraid to hold her own and voice her opinion. She has seen a lot at a young age and would do anything to get the hood and have a better life, however she finds herself being tested in every way possible before she could to where she’s tryin to go. “I’m the Trap Selena” This is just the beginning