Find Your Way Home

Find Your Way Home
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March 31st 2018

…. those people and places. None of them seemed real anymore.

It’s like that day his grandparents came in June, he packed up all he had. And it all fit in a duffel bag…. Where are you supposed to go when you’re a thirteen-year-old city kid, your mom has just been thrown in jail for a repeat DUI drug charge, and you’ve never even met the man who is your father? You certainly can’t count on your mom’s latest drug dealer boyfriend to offer any support – he’s basically kicking you to the curb, making it abundantly clear he couldn’t care what happens to you. A story of faith for today, FIND YOUR WAY HOME is a tale of friendship and family, portraying the life of Elliott, a troubled young teen learning to deal with his lot in life. Through his personal, soul searching inner voice, the reader is brought into his world which is darkened by the effects of his mother’s drug and alcohol addiction and the physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend. Even though, at first, he doesn’t see it as such, his saving grace is found in his grandparents’ insistence that he live with them on their rural Minnesota farm while his mother serves her time in prison and state-mandated treatment program. It’s in the quaint, lakeside town of Lake Belle, Minnesota near his grandparents’ farm, that Elliott crosses paths with the Eastman kids, Daniel and his sister Lauryn. To Elliott, the Eastman kids embody everything he is not – where his life is filled with chaos and dysfunction, their lives seem to be easy and carefree, almost “perfect.” Over the months, and then years, we witness as the Eastman’s accept him as their “other brother” and a deep friendship develops between the three children, with an especially poignant bond between Elliott and Lauryn. Elliott begins to see that their “perfect” life isn’t so perfect after all, seeing firsthand the marital problems of Todd and Gabrielle and the effect it has on his friends, especially Lauryn. As the years pass, the kids begin pursuing their unique interests, taking them in different directions. Elliott, having always embraced computer gaming as a means of escape, turns his boyhood passion into a small business and then into a career, which takes him far from Lake Belle, but leaves him unsatisfied and in an end search for happiness, home and family. Lauryn, always certain that Lake Belle is home, is simply searching for, and thinks she may have finally found in Gabe, a local craftsman, the “right” someone to share it with. When a series of life events suddenly forces Elliott to acknowledge his deep-seated feelings of shame and resentment over his mother’s decade-long battle with addiction, and a soul-searching recognition of his true feelings considering marriage and his future, he finally discovers what family, home, and love really means.