Shattering Souls

Shattering Souls
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April 16th 2017 by Kindle Worlds

Angala Hilton has one goal in life—to be the best doctor she can be.

Okay, and the smartest, too. But the wickedly handsome Griffin Craken is the one at the top of their class, and she can’t stand him. And then she stumbles on him healing someone. It’s not the miracles the doctor’s think it is.

Even worse, Griffin then heals Angala after a drunk driver plows into her car after a hospital fundraiser. But that’s not the worst of it. The next morning, Angala is the one to heal someone. Turns out, Griffin’s an Immortal, and she’s a witch. Now that she’s come into her powers, the ones who murdered her birth parents are after her. Maybe it’s a good thing Angala is starting to fall for Griffin. Or maybe not considering Angala should be solely focused on finding the killers before she ends up buried next to her parents…