Red Thunder: Part One of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

Red Thunder: Part One of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story
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December 26th 2015 by PM CROWLEY

Red Thunder is a stand-alone, SAS style, action-packed adventure thriller designed to become Book One of a proposed trilogy. Warning: This Special Forces, SAS themed action and adventure thriller does contain scenes of violence, torture and some bad language from the outset and is designed for an adult audience. Introducing Jack Regan, the brand new character for the modern age. Jack is a six-foot-two, thirty-five-year-old, blond-haired, blue-eyed former member of the SAS and British Parachute Regiment, now recruited to the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6 (SIS). Plot: Sent to North Korea to deliver a package to one of MI6's moles, what is supposed to be an easy job suddenly turns into a complete nightmare. Jack is bumped by the Secret Police, his contact ruthly murdered, and now faces imminent execution by the Korean authorities.

Only his handler back in London can save him. With London denying any knowledge of Jack Regan, their agent is abandoned and left to fend for himself in the political concentration camps, torture chambers and law gulags. With London believing their man is dead, Red Thunder can continue uninterrupted.

Little does London know, Jack Regan is still alive. Worse, Jack Regan has escaped.

After six years of being held in a North Korean rat-hole, Jack is heading home, and he wants some answers. While incarcerated at the hands of his cruel communist masters, Jack has discovered SIS's dirty secret. He was always meant to die! Answers alone though, are not enough for a man who has been tortured, betrayed and left to die by his own people. Jack also wants revenge. He wants those responsible to pay. SIS wants him dead before Red Thunder is compromised. Many lives hang in the balance and political alliances are at risk of collapse if Regan manages to get home. SIS will stop at nothing to eliminate the problem. Regan will stop at nothing to find out the truth. In the murky world of espionage, secrets are guarded jealously, and Red Thunder guarded more jealously than most.