Satisfying Natalie

Satisfying Natalie
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March 30th 2017

SATISFYING NATALIE - An Erotic Romance Do YOU want to read a real erotic romance? Then this erotic short story is for you! What do you do when you're passionately in love with someone and they reject you? Do you hate them? Do you try and get back at them? Or do you do what Larry does in this hot romance of just over 20,000 words? This story is completely different from nearly everything else you'll find in the adult stories genre. First of all, it's written by a man and told from the man's point of view. But that doesn't mean you won't feel for the woman, who is really the star. And the steamy sex scenes are every bit as erotic as when experienced through a woman's perspective. Disclaimer: If you're looking for vampire-squids, sadomasochism or arrogant billionaires, then you won't find them here. What you will find is a strangely compelling, gritty xxx love story written by a published author (offline and online) and featuring two people - one an ordinary English male (Larry) who falls in love with a far from ordinary woman called Natalie.

Everyone says she is out of his class and that he really doesn't stand a chance. She's stunningly beautiful and he knows she could have any man she wanted.

And he knows there's something else about her, but he can't figure out what it is. Determined to win her over, but facing overwhelming odds, Larry has to summon all his courage just to make the first move. Once he does, it's clear Natalie has a secret that prevents her from having a normal relationship with a man. Only if he has extraordinary powers of persistence and understanding will he manage to find out what it is. And if he does, can he help her and thereby make her his own? PLEASE NOTE: This erotic short story contains explicit language and forthright descriptions of straight sexual acts, a certain amount of man-talk, plus a few examples of Cockney rhyming slang. If you are under 18 or if any of this is liable to offend you then please do not purchase this book. NOT a 'holiday romance', but set in the working areas of an English seaside holiday camp in the mid 1960s, this powerful, uninhibited love story is told in graphic, erotic detail where appropriate, and you will find yourself reading it again and again, as much for the romance as for the eroticism. And yes, it does have a HEA.