Mistaken Trust

Mistaken Trust
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April 17th 2017 by Fair Havens Books Inspirational Western Romance

Dacey loves a man who is not happy with her being there. Can she win him over or will a more devious man ask for her hand? Find out for FREE on Kindle Unlimited or just $0.99 to own. Dacey has fallen for the sheriff, Layton Southerland, when she hears him say that the girls are bringing the town down and that he wants them to leave she is devastated. Little does she know that he was talking about some cowboys who have just come to town. Layton is not sure about them and thinks they are up to no good. He also knows he cannot afford the fee that Jonny the marriage agent is asking for Dacey’s hand. While he is looking into the drifters will he find out anything about Jonny? The marriage agent knows he has stayed in town too long. Maybe he can offer the sheriff something to keep him busy? Only Dacey has other ideas. When one of the new cowboys asks to court her she thinks it could be her chance of a future. Is this a mistaken trust and will she end up in danger? Find out in Mistaken Trust a sweet, inspiration, historical romance just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. This is a standalone book and can be read by itself but it is also part of a series. The Mail Order Bride and the Marriage Agent. Other books available are: The Male Order Bride and the Secret Baby Secrets, Lies, and a New Family Making the Right Choice The Mail Order Bride and the Hunted Man His Golden Angel All the books can be read alone and all are suitable for all ages.