Third Life Part 1

Third Life Part 1
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December 11th 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars True page turner! I am still in shock of some of the events that took place! I am again captivated in this series! Cannot wait to start the next book! By Kindle Customer on March 6, 2016 Stefano returns to the fifth Re-Run of his life. His last memory was his death, as le Segador’s blade sliced his throat.

In this new Re-Run Stefano is a younger man and the killer le Segador is still a small child named Christian. Can Stefano cure the boy of his deadly tendencies or must he too become a killer to save the future from the horror of le Segador? It will be years before Kate and Dylan begin their next Re-Run. Can Stefano offer them a world free from the fear of being hunted by Christian or must they once again join together to stop him.