THE DEMONIC DEATH TRAP: A Horror Novel Based On True Events

THE DEMONIC DEATH TRAP: A Horror Novel Based On True Events
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January 27th 2014 by C.J Ahmed Shazaam

A Young Couple named Ian and Sarah come to London from Birmingham to start a new life in a new house they have brought. But certain events start to happen in the new house which cannot be explained by anyone. Ian starts seeing nightmares and later he starts seeing dreams of a figure which tells him that there is a basement in which a treasure worth millions. believing in what he had seen in the dream he starts searching for the basement in hope of finding the treasure. Sarah later tells him that she is pregnant.

but the devilish haunting keeps on increasing every day she tell him that they should leave the house before something terrible happens. Ian who is defiant in finding the treasure rejects her idea which results in a quarrel between both of them. Sarah seeks the help of her neighbor Amanda in uncovering the terrible history of the house. Amanda warns Sarah that the what ever is in the house doesn't want them in it. and is trying the make them fall in to a deathtrap which had happened to the previous occupants.

Failing to convince Ian about the deadly history of the house which was built on top of a cemetery, she tries to seek the help of her father who is a psychologist who doesn't believe in the supernatural. What she is going to experience would forever change her life as well as her family.