Dark Whispers

Dark Whispers
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October 1st 1998 by Hard Shell Word Factory

17 stories from today's modern masters of fright! Douglas Clegg, Stephen Dedman, Yvonne Navarro, Gary A. Braunbeck, Michael Laimo, Brian Hodge, Stephen M. Rainey, Nancy Kilpatrick and others.... In Douglas Clegg's "265 and Heaven" meet Fazzo, who holds the key to a very special doorway. A heaven like none anyone has ever seen, and that only a select few are permitted to enter. But not without a price. In Stephen M. Rainey's "Moving Pictures ... Still Life" we find a young girl, brought up amidst religion, who must now face the devil himself for what she has ultimately chosen as destiny.

Yvonne Navarro gives us an understanding why some things are better left dead, and Nancy Kilpatrick goes deep into the mind of a savage killer. These tales will leave you teetering on edge, a heavy sense of dread weighted in your gut. And from out of the shadows, ever faintly, there are whispers carrying on the wind, calling out to you. Dare to look inside.