Anew: The Scattered Seeds Tales from the 'Great Melting Pot' Collection

Anew: The Scattered Seeds Tales from the 'Great Melting Pot' Collection
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November 9th 2012 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ANEW ("Sofia's Story") is the first book in the author's series, THE SCATTERED SEEDS TALES FROM THE 'GREAT MELTING POT'. The novel is a new edition of the author's debut novel, SHATTERED SEEDS: 'SOFIA'S STORY' (2011). It is a stand-alone novel and not sequential.

DESCRIPTION: A literary historical American fiction set in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Berlin, Saigon and Delmarva, ANEW covers the time span in history of over one hundred years of wars, including WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the War in S. Vietnam. Two women meet - one young (Janene), one old (Sofia), and both trying to come to terms with their heritages. Sophie Simon (Sofia's pen name) and Janene McDeenon are both writers but were born during different times during the tumultuous 20th Century. Wars had affected their lives, changing them forever and forcing each involuntarily to become one of America's newest immigrants. They are strangers on the surface but their meeting produces a bond between them that transcends time and the distance of three continents. A story within a story, ANEW, ('Sofia's Story') the novel is Book one in the author's new series,"The Scattered Seeds Tales of the Great Melting Pot." Although it is fiction, some readers say that it reads as a true story. The book is appropriate for young adult readers and adult readers of all ages.