The Romero Strain

The Romero Strain
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January 8th 2014 by Books of the Dead Press

A group of New Yorkers survive a zombie outbreak by navigating the city’s utility and transportation tunnels, only to discover a terrifying threat below. T.

S. ALAN THE ROMERO STRAIN For J.D. Nichols and his dog Max the day started out like any other, with a walk along the streets of the Lower East Side. The morning was not uneventful. It was the day J.D. needed his skills as a paramedic and his extensive knowledge of New York’s underground to survive a zombie outbreak. Coming to the aid of a young girl, they flee to a nearby power facility and are chased into the city’s underground by a zombie horde. Along their subterranean journey, they gather survivors while traveling to Grand Central Terminal, where J.D.

believes help will be found. Their hopes quickly end when they discover that Grand Central has been overrun with the undead. J.D., bitten, knows he has limited time as he struggles to find a safe haven for his companions. In their search they stumble upon an enigmatic scientist who divulges a most ominous secret––a secret that forces J.D. to confront an adversary born from a lab deep below. “The Romero Strain. Best zombie book I’ve ever read. It should be a movie... or a mini series... or a game, or all of the above!” ~ Punchline Dvd OZ & NZ