SLADE: A Crazy Sci-Fi Adventure (The Fifth Place Book 2)

SLADE: A Crazy Sci-Fi Adventure (The Fifth Place Book 2)
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March 13th 2018

What lies beyond the Black Circle? Who are the Servants, and where are they from? And most of all, what has happened to our motley crew of antiheroes? Get answers to these questions and many others in this mind-bending, darkly hilarious, and thoroughly adventurous sequel to WULF. With just a touch of romance.

And sex. And gore.

Alexia Slade is being held prisoner in a place that apparently exists outside of space and time. She will need all her cunning – and the remains of her sanity – if she ever hopes to escape and return home. Jay Wulf has found a way through the Black Circle and out the other side. He gathers old allies and risky new ones, as he sets out to explore a futuristic and yet completely broken new world. They will need all the help they can get. For this world is controlled and manipulated from the shadows, by somebody known only as the Spider. And he has taken quite the interest in the newcomers . . .