In Consequence: A Retelling of North and South

In Consequence: A Retelling of North and South
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January 14th 2014

Upon being abruptly uprooted from her idyllic childhood home, Margaret is thrust into the industrial world of Milton where conflict, inequity, and bitterness seem to beset her at every turn. How can she ever find peace and happiness in such a place? Mr. Thornton longs for the chance to show this newcomer from the South that beneath his strict adherence to business principles he possesses a heart. Captivated from the first by her beauty, strength, and independent spirit, the lonely Master finds himself increasingly tantalized by her presence and stirred by her words. When a riot breaks out at Marlborough Mills, events take a decidedly different turn from the novel, spinning a story of attraction and developing love in a whole new direction…. From the author of "A Heart for Milton" comes another tale of the burgeoning love and longing between John Thornton and Margaret Hale, those exquisitely drawn characters from Elizabeth Gaskell's masterpiece "North and South."