One Kind Favor I Ask of You

One Kind Favor I Ask of You
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July 5th 2013 by Smashwords Edition

When Kit Tolliver met Alvin Kirkaby, he looked cute in his military uniform. He was on his way to an overseas assignment, and maybe it was an uncharacteristic attack of patriotism that led her to break her usual pattern and spare his life. But now he’s just a name on her list, and home from the wars, so all she has to do is head down to Hedgemont, North Carolina, and give her soldier boy an honorable discharge. Then she walks into his trailer and finds out things are a little more complicated than that... All of Kit’s homicidal (and increasingly erotic) adventures are collected in book form in Getting Off. Or read the next installment, “Don’t Get in the Car” (Kit Tolliver #9).