In god's name: a short story

in god's name: a short story
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2013 by Smashwords

Warning: this short story tackles the disturbing effects of religious trends that can lead to severe child abuse. Though this is a fictitious account it strings together real events that happened to real children. Akiane is a real-life child prodigy who was born to tolerant, accepting atheists who allowed and encourage her paintings of heavenly visions. Hana Williams was a beautiful child, one of a quiverfull of children who was “trained up” by conservative Christian parents. She later died at their hands. “in god's name” is a short story that imagines what might happen if a child like Akiane was raised in a household like Hana’s.

This is a fictitious account of a child prodigy "Hanna" and the depth to which her parents sink in God’s name.