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1973 by Excalibur Books/George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd.

Of the greatest names in German military history Rommel stands out as a man apart. His exploits during his years of battle showed a breath-taking audacity and an imaginative approach to lighting consistent with the greatest commanders of all time. Erwin Rommel came from a typical, military middle-class environment in provincial Germany. He grew up in Bismarck’s Second Reich, saw it collapse in 1918 and witnessed Germany struggle through the 1920’s and emerge again under Hitler’s regime before the final cataclysm of the Second World War. Like many great commanders Rommel remains an enigma, for although his life spanned a period of his country’s most turbulent politics he seemed insulated from its influences - only awakened by the demands of battle to military achievements so spectacular that they have insured his reputation in the history of war.

In this book Charles Douglas-Home takes a new look at the tactical genius of Rommel and at the legend behind the leader of the famed Afrika Korps. He retells, in depth, the advance of his ‘ghost’ division through France in May and June of 1940, Rommel’s failure to take Tobruk in November 1941, the Gazala Boxes of May and June 1942, the major battles of El Alamein and the Battle of Kasserine in February 1943. The author explores Rommel’s qualities as a man, as a leader and as a soldier, explaining how this charismatic commander came to capture the imagination of the Allies and the Axis powers alike. 16 page: of colour plates 100 illustrations in black and white