Now and Then: The Life-Changing Journey of the Original Yellow Wiggle

Now and Then: The Life-Changing Journey of the Original Yellow Wiggle
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May 2011 by Harper Collins

Greg Page will always be synonymous with the children′s supergroup The Wiggles and is forever imprinted in our memory banks as the original "Yellow Wiggle′. Sadly though in 2006 Greg was forced to walk away from his stellar career unable to continue because of a mystery illness. Leaving The Wiggles was a painful and life-altering decision. As a founding member he had devoted over fifteen years to their creation and was instrumental in their phenomenal worldwide success which even included performing for the children of such megastars as John Travolta Sarah Jessica Parker Shaquille O′Neal and Cate Blanchett and leading the Macy′s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It took years for Greg′s condition - Orthostatic Intolerance - to be correctly diagnosed which often saw him suffering from bouts of acute dizziness that left him unable to stand speak or think without great difficulty. The lack of a diagnosis also left him suffering from depression; a frustrating and disillusioning experience for someone who had always led such an active life performing on a daily basis. Correctly diagnosed and medicated Greg is now leading a relatively healthy life and concentrating on getting back to his first love - music.