Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary

Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary
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February 15th 2014

Steven Jennings is not a bad man. At least not anymore. But he’s done some pretty bad things in his life, the worst of which landed him behind bars serving a 43-year prison sentence. 18 years into his sentence, he’s learned a few things about prison—and about himself. For the first time, in this autobiographical novel (names and circumstances have been changed to protect the guilty), Steven offers a personal, raw, uncensored depiction of the often stereotyped and misunderstood prison culture. From drugs to politics to riots, from corruption to bribery to scandal, his story—complete with actual photographs from a smuggled cell phone—provides a gripping and realistic glimpse of prison life from an inmate’s point-of-view. In the pages of Stone City, witness Steven’s struggle to achieve forgiveness and redemption, to serve out his term and leave prison behind as a legitimate, self-actualized free man, to not only survive but thrive among hardened criminals and apathetic overseers. Through the microcosm of life in the penitentiary, we are reminded that the ultimate battle between good and evil is not simply the domain of crime and punishment. It is the internal struggle that defines what it means to be human. Welcome to Stone City.