The Earthbound Trilogy

The Earthbound Trilogy
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March 7th 2014 by Starbound Press

Jackson, Book 1, is the story of a galactic being who comes to comes to Earth with a mission that affects not only this planet, but our galactic neighbors as well. He discovers a conspiracy that could destroy life as we know it. However, he must first acclimate to his new life as a walk-in living in an earthbound body before he can take on the incredible challenge of fulfilling his mission. In XAM, Book 2, a hybrid extra-terrestrial who responds to Jackson's call for help to keep space free from nuclear weapons.

First, however, he must help Jackson disentangle himself from his ex-wife and his former life. Book 3 introduces another galactic being who walks into the body of Khalilah, an internationally-known super model.

On a trip to Phoenix, she meets and is completely drawn to Jackson and XAM, with whom she shares the same vision for our planet. She uses her celebrity status to create a major event that brings about a New Earth of peace and love. In turn, she finds the love she has always wanted.