UNLEASH YOUR PRESENTATION POWER: The 17 Presentation Secrets of Anthony Robbins

UNLEASH YOUR PRESENTATION POWER: The 17 Presentation Secrets of Anthony Robbins
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June 14th 2014 by AkashKaria.com

UNLEASH YOUR PRESENTATION POWER How to Unleash Your Presentation Power is a short, straightforward guide that will reveal to you how to give powerfully persuasive presentations. Whether you plan to deliver a TED talk or simply want to be a more persuasive speaker, this How to Unleash Your Presentation Power will provide you a roadmap for doing so.

DISCOVER the presentation secrets of Anthony Robbins In this guide, you will analyze Anthony Robins’ TED talk and uncover the techniques he used to deliver one of the most watched TED talks of all time. Using Anthony Robbins’s TED Talk as a case study, you will learn: •The three questions you must ask yourself before you give any presentation. •How to use the energy-matching principle to adapt your delivery to your audience. •Why eloquence will your presentation – and what you should do instead. •How to use knowledge gaps to keep your audience curious. •How to build a connection with your audience using a you-focus. •How to create rapport with your audience.

•How to gesture with power. •Why you need to connect with the emotion behind your message. •How to use callbacks to personalize any talk for any audience. •Why Tony Robbins made me cringe. •The science of the “F word” in public speaking. •How to keep your audience hooked! •The power of audience-involvement. •The simple verbalizing technique that will create a deep connection with your audience. •How to manage your time. •Why and how to use stories to keep your audience captivated. •Why you should not use “hard language” – and examples of soft, inviting phrases you can use instead. •How to end your presentation powerfully and persuasively. READY to start? Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.