Nick & Greg (The Nick & Greg Books Book 1)

Nick & Greg (The Nick & Greg Books Book 1)
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September 26th 2016 by Wilkinson House Ltd

Brighton in the late 1950s is a place of excitement and danger for Nick and Greg: two teenagers who meet one day after school. The town is their playground, and with all the innocence and reckness of youth they run through its streets, uncover its secrets and discover their passionate desires for each other. Gay life thrives in Brighton, but homosexuality is against the law and exists largely behind closed doors, invisible and unspoken. Against this backdrop, Nick seeks to expand his self-awareness through literature and a widening circle of friends. Greg though is constrained by denial, his family ties, and a pattern of increasingly self-destructive behaviour that threatens to unbalance his mind. In Nick & Greg, John Roman Baker gives a frank, witty and authentic portrait of the lives of two boys growing up in a period when gay liberation was just a fairy tale and Oscar Wilde was a name to be feared more than any monster on a cinemascope screen. This is the first book in the Nick & Greg series.

It is followed by Time of Obsessions and Dangerous Seas. REVIEWS 'A lovely read. I look forward to reading more of the adventures of these two tender tearaway queers." - GScene Magazine, November 2016