For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse
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June 2nd 2015

A sweet, inspirational romance. This is book 2 in the Forgiving Hearts Trilogy.

It is a stand-alone novel with no cliff-hanger. Jackson’s arrival in a new town takes an unexpected turn when he runs into the only woman he’s ever loved. Finding her unmarried has all the hopes and dreams he buried deep in his heart clamoring to the surface.

Is he finally going to get a chance with Hannah? Or will the man who broke her heart continue to come between them? Hannah has strayed from the beliefs of her youth. Jackson’s sudden appearance forces her to acknowledge how far she’s fallen away from God. His friendship, encouragement and unshakable faith make her believe she can move past the mistakes and begin again. But the path to redemption is seldom smooth and one wrong decision can change everything. Other books in this series: Finding the Way Back - Book 1 in the Forgiving Hearts Trilogy