Lucky Springs: Volume One (Volume 1)

Lucky Springs: Volume One (Volume 1)
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March 12th 2013 by Resplendence Publishing LLC

Joining the Party: In a small town, secrets are hard to keep. But when photojournalist, Cassie Hawks, comes home to Lucky Springs, no one says a word about what her neighbors have been up to while she's been away. Noises next door draw her to peep on a sex party that enthralls her. The passion, the openness and the multicultural mix inspire and arouse her- the home owners most of all. The sexy Meriwether men tempt her into a private party, and she's hooked. They willingly help her with her photography and keep her coming back for more. But can she stay put and get on board with their big sex parties? - Birthday Party Surprise: Turning thirty-five isn't easy for Jessica. Most of her life is going fine, but her love life has been in a holding pattern. Tired of waiting, it's Jessica's turn to go a little wild and her friends help arrange it. One night, one fantasy, and four sexy men make for a happy birthday! The urge to repeat the fun haunts her, but when she finds out exactly who her mystery lovers were-all the rules change. Four men she loves want more than friendship or sex. They become caught in a web of passionate love that can't be denied. The quad of hunks wants to share her and each other every night. Her patience paid off times four, but can this traditional girl commit to group love? - Red Hot Party: Being secretly in love with your brother's boyfriend's sister is problematic enough, but when Hamilton Meriwether is caught at a sex party by that same beautiful woman, he's got some explaining to do. Lolly Martinez grew up sheltered, but being an EMT and working with the brave firemen of Lucky Springs gets her away from her overprotective family.

Wanting Ham was nothing new, but suddenly, she has a chance to act on all her fantasies with him and a couple of other volunteers Lolly thought were just friends who haunted her naughty dreams. The three hot firemen want her body tied to the fire pole and a lot more. But deep feelings and family pressure complicate the fun for the quad. Risking their lives for each other has always been part of the jobs, but now it's their hearts on the line, and that might be the most dangerous situation of all.