Airing Out Dirty Laundry

Airing Out Dirty Laundry
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July 28th 2011 by 21st Street Urban Editing & Publishing

Skye Jordan seems to have it all together but when she gets fed up with her long time boyfriend, Omar, things quickly spiral out of control. Omar lets his insecurities get the best of him and instead of saving his relationship he pushes Skye away.

Feeling rejected Omar seeks attention elsewhere which leads to a whirlwind of problems. Damisha loves her single, kid-free life until she meets Jerell. He is the man of her dreams except for one thing -- he refuses to turn in his player card. Sick of the games, Damisha seeks comfort from Chris, who is the total opposite of Jerell. Will she fall in love with Chris or turn into the exact thing she ran away from? Kori aka Coco owns a hair salon and is married to Jerome, a real estate agent. They try to make their blended family work, but there's a problem. Jerome's ex girlfriend Shameka uses their daughter to create drama within his marriage and Coco's hot temper sure doesn t help. Naive to Shameka's tactics Jerome falls into a compromising situation that is hard to explain. Who should CoCo believe? Her husband or his bitter ex? Jamyya is a devoted wife and mother of four. Bored of the housewife routine Jay sets out to spice up her life with a new career. Just when her life is at its best, Jay s mother is released from jail and moves in with her, turning her house upside down Jasmine aka Jazz starts a new romance with Shawn and is completely swept off her feet. Living out her dreams, Jazz is having the time of her life.

When secrets surface about Shawn, Jazz has to decide if she can deal with the man that she no longer knows. Laugh, cry and feel these sistas as they go through experiences that come close to home for many. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or does a relationship of uncertainty leave one on a rollercoaster of darkness forever? Everyone will become clean when you're airing out dirty laundry...