Gunsight Justice (A Ride Through Heaven And Hell #1)

Gunsight Justice (A Ride Through Heaven And Hell #1)
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by Heaven and Hell Western Publishing

This book was previously published as "The Silver Saddle." Patriots! There are times when a man must stand up for the things he believes in.

There are times when he must holster a gun and ride out to right a wrong--at times, a man has to demand GUNSIGHT JUSTICE! This is the new action-packed acclaimed Western saga, a full storied novel from Mike Hundley. After the Civil War, Will Garrison takes his family west. Together they build a ranch and battle powerful Indian tribes who have hunted the lands for centuries. A peace feather is offered after a climatic battle. With the Indian tribes and the Garrisons now walking a path of peace, a new threat has emerged... the railroad. Greedy government-backed killers plan to annihilate everyone and claim the land they need to expand their rail lines north across Colorado and into Utah. Their vile, sinister plan is revealed after many fights. Will Garrison's son, Gabe, fights back and unleashes his pent-up vengeance against the railroad and kills one of their hired mercenaries. A destined meeting of chance leaves him rescuing a bloodied woman and falling hopely in love with the dark beauty.

May is a brave woman who fights to guard a secret of her own. Together they flee to ancient trails, and as paid assassins track them, it becomes a long vengeance trail of dead men. When May reveals her deadly secret, Gabe finds himself at war with the railroad, an evil killer, and with everything he ever knew. He knows it's time for GUNSIGHT JUSTICE! This is the action-packed Western that will remind you that freedom is something you must always fight for. Good battles evil as epic conflicts become climatic love scenes, and you find yourself breathly riding a trail of danger, deceit and passion with Mike Hundley in this Western that leaves no bullet unfired, no emotion untouched, and no reader left behind.