Guided Through Deception

Guided Through Deception
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May 5th 2012

Book One in a series: Lainey Harkin is a prosecutor who's on the rise. Sort of. Her boss handed her a gift - a felony prosecution before her first year anniversary. The perfect distraction from the search for her sister who left the family ten years ago.

But felony child abuse is not the case for Lainey to cut her teeth on. The case barely begins before heading south. The girl's father is not who he appears, the mother is insane and to top it off Lainey's instant connection to the abused girl, Ella, hinders her better judgment. Lainey Harkin hoped this case would propel her career and provide justice to an abused child. If the office investigator, Nick Rossi, could help her, it just might do that. Spending time with Nick is a distraction Lainey doesn't need but she must have his help and reluctantly asks him for it. She vows to keep her relationship with Nick professional, but ends up falling for him anyway. Lainey's faith in God is tested when she discovers that Ella's father is not Ron Michaels, a poor man in need of a public defender, but Vinnie Mancini, son of a powerful crime lord. The Mancini family has eluded prosecution for years which makes Lainey more determined than ever to put the abuser behind bars but the case takes on a life of its own. Disturbing events occur as Lainey builds her case against Vinnie and continues the search for her sister. Is she being targeted by a violent family or by someone who doesn't want her sister found?