Dark Side of Redemption (Ladies of the Night, #1)

Dark Side of Redemption (Ladies of the Night, #1)
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September 4th 2013

Welcome to the town of Redemption, Wyoming. It is the job of the Chamber of Commerce to introduce their town to all newcomers. They brag about their schools and their recreational facilities, their employment opportunities and lack of crime. What they don’t always do is speak of the dark and unusual past that brought them into existence. Vampires have been around since the time of creation. Some say they are Children of Lilith, while others insist they are Spawns of Satan.

It is a curse to some and a salvation for others. But as in all things, nothing is entirely black or white. Instead, life is a myriad of colors and conflicting truths. Since the time of the great Conclave, all vampires, and creatures of the night, must adhere to the strict rule of law. If they refuse, they are hunted down and destroyed. Are all Vampires evil, blood-sucking monsters? Hardly. Can they be redeemed? Hopefully. Farrah, Alina, and Renate are looking for a home, a place in which to settle down and hide from the Hunters. It is not easy for them and they must rely on their friends if they are to find such a place. Vampires are strong and possess wondrous powers…but they are also one of the most vulnerable of creatures. Constantly being sought by those who wish to destroy them, the girls continue to search for their Redemption.