Bus Station: Unbound

Bus Station: Unbound
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February 23rd 2015 by Curious Tales

Bus Station: Unbound is a fable about about finding yourself in-between places and times, an interactive fiction where the narrative decisions lie in your own hands and a grown-up "Choose your own adventure" like none you've ever read before. If you like Tales of the Unexpected, Twin Peaks and Welcome to Night Vale, you'll love this. You're heading home for Christmas. There’s a snowstorm, the roads are gridlocked and you’re stranded in a bus station known as the North’s most monstrous building.

People here are behaving strangely.

A group of teenagers seem to have vanished into thin air. Your parents' marriage is on the rocks. The whole town is traumatised and grieving and snow falls and falls like it will never stop. Outside the church bells are ringing… Bus Station: Unbound is the first in a trilogy of fully interactive novels from Curious Tales, one which tracks your journey and presents different moods, characters, genres and styles depending on the choices you make.

Is this a satire about an iconic building under threat from a short-sighted council, a horror story about infernal retribution and the tyranny of choice or a tale of guilt, home, grief and forgetfulness? You decide. Read, remix and play again. CURIOUS TALES is an author-led publishing collective.

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