To Love and Die in Chicago

To Love and Die in Chicago
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March 19th 2017 by Leo Sullivan Presents

It's been a while since Mexican Cartel Boss Alexus Costilla had a firm grip on Chicago's illicit drug market. She knows that despite the recent spike in gang related homicides, the Windy City is the land of opportunity for a drug trafficking Queenpin like herself. All she needs is a street organization to move the product. Enter Lee "Juice" Wilkins, of North Lawndale the leader of one of the most dominant street gangs on the west side of Chicago. He's not content with purchasing kilos of cocaine from his Mexican connect, who is clearly nothing more than a middle man in the grand scheme of things. Juice wants his product directly from the source, and when his girlfriend's wealthy ex suggests they travel to California to meet with him, Juice agrees without a moment's hesitation. The ex- Alexus Costilla's husband Bulletface- had been a drug Kingpin before rising to the top of the music industry. Juice enlisted two close friends and their wives to accompany him and his girlfriend to Los Angeles, and what begins as a business trip turns out to be a drama-filled day of scandalous affairs, untrusting spouses, and cold blooded murder.