Sunny Afternoon

Sunny Afternoon
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The normality of a sunny London afternoon is brutally shattered when a man is killed in the street, in broad daylight. Screams fill the air as passers-by try to help the victim or helply observe the drama unfold before them. Their lives will never be the same again. Doug Lucie's powerful and satirical drama examines the impact of such a shocking event, as recounted by passers-by and residents who witnessed it: Roy the local window cleaner; Johnny, an Investment Banker; Kayleigh, a young part-time beauty therapist; WPC Flanagan; Pam who cares full-time for her husband Brian, and Avelina, the victim's wife. Their testimonies unfold revealing not only the personal repercussions of such an event but contemporary attitudes to violence, immigration, and community, across the social and cultural strata which jostle for space in our cities.