The Wolf's Breeding Lair

The Wolf's Breeding Lair
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July 1st 2013 by Ashe Land Publications

Selected by village elders as the virginal sacrifice to the wild beast terrorizing her village, Leoda wanders into the woods surrounding the town trembling with fear...and anticipation. Captured, chased, and thrown into the terrible monster's den, the beast is getting what he wants. The only question is whether Leoda fight him, or give in to sinful desires that she's surprised to find burning inside her? Excerpt: “Are you going to hurt me?” “Yes, probably,” he snapped at the air. “Mmm, I smell you again. I smell your lust for me. You want me, don’t you, human? You want to be enraptured beneath me, you want me to take you with the force only a creature such as my...myself can muster, don’t you? That’s what you want, isn’t it?” I began to weep and beg him to leave me, to go back to whatever hell from whence he came, but the beast only lowered himself to his haunches, and put his face so that I felt his breath on my throat, and the wiry fur hanging off his chest brushed against my thighs where he had pushed my dress up, almost to the top of my legs. Before I knew what he was doing, the tremendous creature had got me to push myself backward until I touched the wall and could go no further. “Good,” he growled from deep in his chest. “Very g – good. You’ve got yourself in a terrible spot now, don’t you? I ne...need this. You, though might find out that instead of needing it, you just...” “Want what? Want you? What are you talking about? No I don’t think that’s the case at all! Why would I-” I was cut off not by his words, but by the heat of the monster against me. His fur seemed hard and close to his body, not shaggy like most wolves I’ve seen, so he couldn’t have been that sort of beast, at least, not a normal one. But through that slick, hard coat, a terrible fury seemed to burn so bright that I felt him against my skin, even inside me, burning outward from my core all the way to my fingertips. “You want me because you know there’s way you can get out. You want me because you feel how much I need you, and you want me because,” he snorted again. His breath caught and he coughed. “You feel me against you and want to know what it’s like to be with such a thing as me, to have an experience so awful and foreign and forbidden as to give in, and stop denying yourself.”