The Art Of The Foil

The Art Of The Foil
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January 1st 1998 by E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc

This classic of fencing literature is not just a how-to manual designed to teach the routine movements of the sport. Written by a master swordsman who competed professionally and whose credentials include teaching at Rome's Italian Fencing Masters' School and Vienna's Austro-Hungarian Central Fencing School, as well as private instruction in Paris, the book divulges the reasons behind every aspect of positioning, invitation, engagement, thrusting, parrying, counterparrying, tempo, feints, and ripostes. Inherent in every word is the author's great love of the sport and his appreciation for the artistry of the foil. In the last section of this book, first published in English in 1933, Barbasetti presents a short history of fencing--from the heroic times of Homer to the Middle Ages--and a useful glossary of fencing terms in English, Italian, French, and German. Clear b&w line drawings illustrate correct stances and actions while several plates capture the drama of the sport as depicted by other artists.